Ugh. The Weather Channel.

by Meredith Winnett

I’ve wanted to write this post for quite some time now. I hate The Weather Channel. There, I said it. Blog done.

The Local Forecast opener from the "Weath...

The Local Forecast opener from the “Weather You Can Always Turn To” period in the mid-1990s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ha. Just kidding. I’ll expand.

It hit me around March that I really hate everything about The Weather Channel. One of my roommates came home on a Monday telling us about a huge storm that was coming. “The storm of the century,” he said. I asked when it was coming. Next Monday.

We live in New England. You CANNOT listen to any forecasts more than three days ahead. It won’t be accurate. That’s why we have the famous saying, “Don’t like the weather? Wait a minute, it’ll change”.

So all week, no one else is reporting on this alleged storm of the century. Except The Weather Channel. So of course as the word spreads everyone is going to The Weather Channel for more information.

I kept telling everyone to check other sources so they don’t get their hopes up. But no, we’re going to lose power and not have school for three years according to The Weather Channel so we’re going to listen to them.

The day finally comes. We got a dusting. And no, not just the “I’ve lived in New England my whole life so a foot of snow is nothing” dusting. It was actually unable to be measured. I was quite humble about my being right.

Ok, so I gloated about how people should listen to me because I studied the media and know all this hype is just for their ratings.

But that’s what The Weather Channel does. They build hype so people watch their broadcasts. Then people keep watching them even when the previous forecasts were wrong.

So what does someone as picky as myself use for weather services? The National Weather Service (NOAA). They’re a branch of the government so they don’t need to sell ad space. What does that mean for you? Accurate forecasts. No hype. No silly TV shows about rednecks doing redneck things. It’s just a simple weather forecast.

Now don’t whine because there’s no in depth forecast for 25 days from now. No one can accurately tell you what the weather will be like 10 days from now. It’s all predictions based on past weather patterns. They can tell you tomorrow, the next day, and possibly the next day.

My message: don’t be a sheep. Using many weather sources is as important as using many news sources. Everyone has a different messages so you need many messages to boil down the truth.


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