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Month: June, 2014

Ugh. The Weather Channel.

I’ve wanted to write this post for quite some time now. I hate The Weather Channel. There, I said it. Blog done.

The Local Forecast opener from the "Weath...

The Local Forecast opener from the “Weather You Can Always Turn To” period in the mid-1990s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Do Your Research

As many of you know, I am officially unemployed. Scratch that, underemployed. I’m writing freelance for my local newspaper and I’m being trained as a bartender. I do love both jobs and am thankful that someone would hire me, but I should be doing more with my degree.

At one point a few weeks ago, I had 35 tabs open on my browser. All were jobs I wanted to apply for. As you can imagine, 35 tabs was overwhelming. So I applied for one after hours of searching and called it a night. To my surprise, they called me first thing in the morning for an interview.

Newspaper classifieds

Newspaper classifieds (Photo credit:

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Beef with the BMI Scale

I had my physical today. Since I’ve been going to the gym I’ve been avoiding the scale as long as I was seeing positive changes in my body. When I started going to the gym, I was about 125 pounds. You can imagine my surprise this morning when the scale read 148.




Body mass index chart

Body mass index chart (Photo credit: IITA Image Library)

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