Worst Blogger Ever

by Meredith Winnett

I haven’t written in over a week. Bad bad bad bad blogger.

Meredith is really scatter-brained lately. Currently, I’m emailing a professor and trying to think of a blog topic at the same time.

I blogged in February about how there were Too Few Weeks until Graduation. Well, guess who only has 18 days left of the best days of her life… ME.

So how am I going to spend these valuable days? Good question…

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

Everything is becoming all too real. I finished all of my biggest assignments and just have a few smaller assignments and one final. So how should I spend my last 18 days?

  • Studying – For my one final. I’m going to put in full effort even though all I want to do is sleep and watch Netflix. I’ve put my best foot forward the past four years, no point in backing out now!
  • Be Outside – This goal is kinda hard since it rains all the time, but I am DYING to get outside and play. This weekend is supposed to be nice and I have most of next week off, so hopefully I can get outside.
  • Eat Up – I won’t have a meal plan for an all-you-can-eat dining commons much longer. Pizza, soup, sandwiches: all get in my tummy.
  • Party – My friends and I have been living by the theory that drinking to get drunk is really only acceptable in college. I’ll go out for Cinco De Mayo even if it is on a Monday. Two weeks won’t turn me into an alcoholic, especially since I have to be responsible in between.
  • Make Memories – I have a solid group of friends. They’re the best and I love them. However we’re all going different ways (Sarah’s going to teach in Las Vegas and that’s so cool!). These are the last few days that we all live in the same building, so we need to take advantage of it by doing everything together.
  • Stop Freaking Out – I have the summer to figure out where I want to work and stuff, so I am going to enjoy the time I have to just relax.
  • Blog – I really love all my readers. I feel really bad when I miss my bi-weekly posts. I am going to do my best to write for you guys in my last few weeks of college. Then I have to figure out how to post-college blog…

Any tips? Let me know in the comments!