by Meredith Winnett

Yesterday was a pretty bad day. I have been very stressed out lately because I have so many assignments and zero motivation to do them. Also, people keep asking my plans for after graduation and I have no idea what I’m doing other than nine days in Punta Cana. So yes, I’m officially freaking out.

Yesterday for the first time in my eight semesters, I forgot my school ID, my apartment keys, and my room keys. The ID I need to eat and get into my building, the key I need to get into my apartment, the key I need to get into my bedroom and take that shower I most desire. They were in my jacket, which it was way too warm to wear a jacket. So I left my jacket, forgetting its importance, in the truck as my mom drove away from my boyfriends house. Now the keys are an hour an a half away. My boyfriend drove me the rest of the way to school. Now the keys are two and a half hours away and I just realized it. A simple problem with many simple solutions. I completely blew it out of proportion.

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I didn’t get to sleep until about 2 this morning because I thought the world was going to be mad at me for being such a burden. I just felt so bad that everyone had to go out of their way just to help me when I really should have double checked the back of the truck. I couldn’t breathe. When I finally could breathe, I started to cry. I thought I’d never get to sleep or make it to the very important class I’m sitting in right now (we have a guest speaker and his lecture is 20 points on my final exam grade but I can’t focus).

What can my readers and I do to prevent future anxiety attacks? We shouldn’t be freaking out over something this small.

  • Exercise – Yeah yeah I use this as a remedy for everything. However, I don’t know a better way to beat stress than by sweating it out. Hit the gym, lift some weights, go for a run, play a sport, even go for a walk. Just get your body active! Your brain will forget about making to feel like poo and your body will be happy.
  • Take a Shower – For some reason I always feel better after a hot shower. The hot water relaxes those tense muscles and can trick your brain into being happy again. This remedy list is starting to sound like my allergy list.
  • Drink Some Tea – Again, citing remedies I’ve suggested in the past. Chamomile relaxes people, so if you’re not allergic to ragweed, drink up!
  • Aromatherapy – There are many different oils or scents that are made to relax you. May I suggest lavender or hops? Some professors have their students smell some lavender before exams to help them relax. Careful, it could make you sleepy!
  • Marijuana – Ok, so don’t do this if it is illegal in your state (so everyone except Washington and Colorad0) or if you don’t have a medical marijuana card. Drugs are bad, mkay? But, marijuana has been proven to help relieve people from many different physical and mental illnesses. Just be smart about it.
  • Breathe – This never works for me because when I have anxiety, my mind hits on 10,000 different topics per minute. However, if you focus on your breathing (in… and out…) you could be able to distract yourself from your anxiety. Try a little bit of yoga breathing!
  • Make a List – Write down everything positive about yourself. Are you really good at making cinnamon rolls? Jot it down. Do you love your hair color? Add that. Did you get a good grade in one of your hardest classes? That counts too! Anything positive should be on your list. When you feel anxious, take your list out and remember all the good things in your life to make your problems seem small.
  • Have a Chat – My boyfriend was a superhero last night and talked me through everything even though he was already asleep. Talk to someone you trust. Even if they can’t give you good advice, you still got to rant for a little while and that always feels nice. If you don’t want to talk to one of your real life friends, you can email me (! And be sure to thank whomever helps you so they know you appreciate them.

Have any other ideas? Let us know in the comments!