This is the End of Livin La Vida Broke-a

by Meredith Winnett

Hey everyone. I have made the very difficult decision to end my blog. It has been a great run, I have had a lot of wonderful leaders who have added so much to the conversations, but I just can’t continue to blog. I just have so much going on that I can’t find the time. In the past semester I have gone to writing three times a week to only twice a week and because of this I have had far fewer readers. So I thank you for reading, and wish you all the best.

April Fools!

Did I get you? I think I was lucky enough that April Fool’s Day has landed on a Tuesday. I wonder how many other people in the blog-o-verse have pulled this prank…

I wanted to write a list of pranks to pull but A) I’m not intelligent enough to come up with enough of my own pranks and B) it would probably be a blog about last minute pranks and I much prefer the ones that take a lot of thought. Maybe next year 😉

What pranks have you pulled? Have you received any? Let us know in the comments!