Allergy Season is Among Us.

by Meredith Winnett

Most people cannot wait for this seemingly endless winter to end. Others, are dreading it. Who are the jerks who aren’t ready for warmer weather and cuter clothes? Well, I’m one of them.


I decided to sleep with my window open on Saturday night, which is quite common in my residence hall because they won’t turn the heat down to a bearable temperature.  Sunday morning I woke up with a bright red, painful, itchy eye and double stuffed nose. Flash forward to today, I can’t stop sneezing/blowing my nose, I have a cough, a headache, and I just want to sleep. Yep. Allergy season is here.


Garden with some tulips and narcissus

Garden with some tulips and narcissus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So what am I supposed do to? Suffer? Drug myself up? Both sound miserable. I only have a few weeks left in college so I want to make the most of it. I’ve been researching, and…

  • Find a Saline Nasal Spray – This is what I use. The saline breaks down your boogers to help them drain out. Yeah, blowing your nose will blow (pun intended), but you won’t be as congested and that will help you to sleep and actually live. Also, it isn’t a drug but it gives relief, so use it.
  • Do Your Laundry – Wash your sheets, clothes, and towels as much as possible to rid them of allergens during the season. This again will help you to get a better night’s sleep and not be miserable while you’re indoors.
  • Eat Local Honey – Honey is expensive, so if you’re on a budget this isn’t for you. But, eating a few spoonfuls of local honey a day can help you build an immunity to the pollen in your area. Sounds like a sweet deal to me. (I am on fire with these puns today!)
  • Avoid Using a Window Fan – Yeah I know, it’s going to get realllllly warm in your living space. However, window fans pull the outdoor allergens indoors and you end up with all the junk in your house and you are safe nowhere. Don’t use a window fan, just have a regular fan blow on you. Also, keep the window up when driving so you don’t sneeze during your trip. Sneezing and driving is much less fun than driving with the window up.
  • Eat! – Eat spicy foods! These will help to open your airways and drain out your sinuses. Try adding a pinch of Cayenne pepper to dinner or pop some jalapenos into your salad. It’ll help. Also, Omega 3 fatty acids can aid in fighting allergies off and building your immune system.
  • Shower – Taking a hot shower can help act as a decongestant. This is what I did on Sunday and it definitely helped me to be less stuffy and my eye got better.
  • Smell some Eucalyptus – I personally hate the smell of eucalyptus, but some people like it. The strong aromas naturally open your airways and act as a decongestant. Stick some in a humidifier, because steam can help you as well. #teamwork
  • Drink some Tea – Try some peppermint tea because the menthol can help you to breathe better. Also, I favor chamomile tea because it tastes really good and apparently it helps fight allergies. It has a strain of ragweed in it, so people with extreme allergies should avoid it. But, those allergic to pollen, or not as severely allergic to ragweed, can drink the ragweed and build an immunity. And, as always, you can drink green tea because it’s super good for you. Try adding some of that local honey to your tea and you’re all set!

Have an allergy remedy? Tell your fellow readers (and myself) all about it in the comments. We need your help.





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