Oh Shoot

by Meredith Winnett

I accidentally took a spring break from blogging.

In my defense I was busy. Very busy. On my blogging days (Tuesday and Thursday) I was at a job interview and substitute teaching in my high school. Teaching was a lot of fun, mostly because I got to see my high school teachers, but I am now 100% assured that teaching is not for me.

The job interview was tough. I had prepared the night before, but got wicked nervous in the interview itself. I had a whole bunch of questions prepared for the interviewer, but I could only remember one at the time. They wanted me to go in for a follow-up interview, but unfortunately, as I said, I was very busy. It was good practice though! Maybe I’ll be a little less nervous at the next 🙂

I’m fighting writer’s block today, but I figured I’d pop in and give everyone an update!


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