Life Just Got a Little Sweeter for Massachusetts

by Meredith Winnett

Earlier this week, America’s oldest brewery became available in America’s oldest settlement. That’s right, YUENGLING IS NOW AVAILABLE IN MASSACHUSETTS! Commence celebrating!


Yuengling Beer Mat

Yuengling Beer Mat (Photo credit: roger4336)

Before this week, Yuengling did not want to come to Massachusetts because of some shit with the trade unions and Yuengling didn’t want to unionize but MA wanted them to. I don’t know the story. I just know that we couldn’t have one of my favorite beers.

I first had Yuengling when I was interning in DC and it was amazing. My life had changed completely. When I came home, it was almost like crack whenever someone had it. It was so rare that you just HAD to have some. Now we can buy it for ourselves! 🙂

This was my half-assed pre-spring break post. Now to start drinking.



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