Finding A Job

by Meredith Winnett

If you’ve been reading my blog for the past couple of weeks, you know that I am in the middle of my job search. It’s isn’t easy. I stared my search very narrow (only certain companies, certain positions, certain salaries, etc.) You can’t do that when you’re not even out of college yet… I didn’t find much at all, so I started experimenting.


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What can I do to make my search more successful?

  • Join LinkedIn – If you haven’t already. I get biweekly emails about positions I may be interested in, then I go from there. I filter out the ones that require 3+ years of experience and see if I fit any of the qualifications for all the rest. LinkedIn has been a HUGE help with my job search. I’d say 80% of the places I’ve applied to have been posted on LinkedIn.
  • Don’t be Picky – Like I said before, I was doing this. I didn’t find many positions at first and it was really overwhelming. Make a list of your skills, then search for jobs that you can apply those skills to. Also, think of the classes you’ve taken and what you’ve learned. I took a Human Communication course which taught effective ways to communicate interpersonally. I’ve began a rough search of how to become a relationship counselor. Don’t limit yourself to Journalism just because you’re a Journalism major.
  • Look within Your Favorite Brands – I just submitted an application to Dunkin’ Donuts for a social media position. Meredith runs on Dunkin’! Before I saw this job posting, I thought of Dunkin’ Donuts jobs as just someone who makes coffee. Then I realized, this is a corporation. They need corporate employees! This made me think – where do I eat? where do I shop? what websites do I use? So I started looking at those places. As a consumer, I believe I know what other consumers want. This is what I feel makes me a valid candidate for whatever positions I apply to.
  • Network – Yeah, I’ve talked about this before. IT’S SUPER IMPORTANT GUYS. Talk to who you know, have them talk to who they know, let everyone you know know that you need a job. This is something I have to start doing…
  • Ask your Professors for Help – Talk to a few of your professors and see what tips they might have for finding a job. Maybe they can review your resume or a cover letter, or even tell you where to look. This may turn into networking because don’t forget, professors might stay in touch with former students. Former students with jobs. Who better to help you than the lovely alumni? 🙂
  • Take Risks – Maybe apply for a job that requires more experience. Really sell yourself in your cover letter. Even if they don’t want you for that position, they may like you enough and let you interview for another position. Maybe. You never know until you try.

Any tips for your fellow readers (or me)? Let us know in the comments!



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