Bode Miller = President Obama?

by Meredith Winnett

I posted this on my Tumblr last night, but I feel like I didn’t discuss it enough.


Maybe you’ve heard that Bode Miller won bronze in his event on Sunday. That’s awesome! Go Team USA! However, he did get very emotional in his post race interview with NBC reporter Christin Cooper. Miller’s brother passed away about a year ago, so obviously he was thinking of him after his performance. Cooper saw this emotion and used it to get some prime-time tears.


The legendary Bode Miller

The legendary Bode Miller (Photo credit: chriscom)

Now Cooper’s questioning about Miller’s grief was not totally inappropriate. It is her job as a reporter to get the full scoop so the viewers can feel his emotion. One question would have done the trick. Cooper badgered him with many questions, pretty much begging Miller to cry during her interview.

This story has been told. What hasn’t been told is an explanation of one of the top comments.

I originally read this article on Politico, which if you’re unfamiliar it’s mainly a political news website. However, this is not a political story. Obviously. It’s about a reporter pushing her boundaries. I probably should have expected a few political comments, but what I found deeply upset me.

“It’s funny how the liberal dems are so concerned about how Bode Miller’s brother DIED but they are not at all concerned about where OBAMA was BORN.”

First: why do people always type Obama in all caps? Are you really always screaming his name? You don’t need to do that. Just Obama will do. Or if you want to show a little respect for the man running your country (which we should do to any president if we agree with them or not), you can call him President Obama.

Second: Obama has shown his birth certificate which explains he was born in Hawaii. It’s old news. It shouldn’t have been a big deal in the first place. Most people are asking because his last name isn’t common and he’s of African descent.

Third: What does that have to do with the story AT ALL?! Most of the comments are of how Bode Miller is a class act because he stuck up for Cooper and thanked his fans for support. Sadly, many of the replies to these comments came back to say, “Bode Miller is a proud democrat, ya know”. THAT IS NOT THE POINT OF THE STORY.

The story you have just read and left a completely unrelated comment on is about an Olympian who lost a sibling, was very emotional after the race, and a reporter who nagged him to continue telling how sad he was. Not about his political views, not about where the president was born, not about pizza. What you should be mad about in this situation is how there are reporters out there on major news networks who do not know when to stop. That’s it. You want to talk about Bode Miller being a democrat? Go to an article where he declares he is one. You want to talk about where the president was born? Visit an article from five years ago when he presented his birth certificate. You want to talk about pizza? Leave me a comment because I could talk about pizza all day.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is this: if you are commenting on a news article, please make sure you are making an informed and relevant post that will benefit other readers. The point of comments is the interactivity between readers and writers. If comments are related to the article and come from a reader who is educated on the subject, then other readers learn something new and can discuss further. Comments are not to post idiotic ideas that do not lead to constructive conversations.

Finish rant.

I hope to get lots of comments about pizza now.


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