Time to Geek Out

by Meredith Winnett

Many of you know that JK Rowling recently came out and announced that Harry Potter and Hermione Granger should have ended up together. DUHH. This is the ending I had hoped my entire life for. Unfortunately by the fifth year it became clear to me that it would never happen.

So while Ron Weasley got the babe, Harry was off sticking it to his sister, Ginny. To put it lightly.

This news is SO HUGE that Steven Colbert himself reported on it. Quite hilariously, might I say. Take a look.

While most of the Potterheads are celebrating what they have always known, how does Ginny feel? Bonnie Wright, the actress who played Ginny, has finally commented on the matter. She didn’t say much, but she did say that Ginny had dated Dean Thomas before, so she would have made out just fine without Harry.

Ginny is a good looking girl. She’s smart, and she has her history with Dumbledore’s Army to aid her in her career. Also, she becomes a professional Quidditch player. You can’t get more badass than that. Ginny is a hidden gem in the Harry Potter series. She begins as Ron’s simple little sister, but she leaves that title behind and becomes a strong, independent woman who dates The Chosen One. If Harry were to break it off, either before or after they were married, Ginny would be just fine.

However, if Harry and Ginny split up after they were married, and if Hermione and Ron split up, that would be a little awkward. Especially if this Harry/Hermione thing happened. Ron and Hermione have kids together as do Harry and Ginny. Imagine them sharing custody, and Ron comes over to see his ex-wife hanging out with his best friend. His ex-brother-in-law. His children’s Uncle Harry. OUCH. Would Ron and Hermione’s children call Harry “Uncle Harry” still? Would he just be Harry? THOSE KIDS WOULD NEED SO MUCH THERAPY! 

No no no this can’t happen. JK needs to rewrite the series and make Harry and Hermione together in the first place, and Ron can stay with Lavender Brown who’s a crazy hoe. Then she can die at the Battle of Hogwarts as originally planned and Ron will never love again and live a sad life where he fantasizes about what his life would have been like had he ended up with Hermione. I hate Ron. He’s such a turd.

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