Winter Storm Warning ****

by Meredith Winnett

I realized that I didn’t tag my post from Sunday… and I didn’t include working videos. We’re going to call that a blog fail.

Anyway! We’re expecting 6-10 inches of snow starting around midnight tonight so SNOW DAY! Not officially… Hopefully! Realistically, if we have a snow day tomorrow, I’m going to work on the project that I have due tomorrow. But there are a ton of other snow day activities that I could partake in…

File:Snowball fight in front of U.S. Capitol.jpg

Even politicians enjoy a snow day (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

So what’s a college student to do on a snow day…?

  • Build a Snowman
    We had a huge surprise snow storm a couple weeks ago and I was at my boyfriend’s house. I wanted to build a snowman SO BADLY and he wouldn’t do it. Instead I made him climb a tree and shake the snow down and into his shirt.
  • Have a Snowball fight
    It’s a snow day staple.
  • Homework
    Yeah … right … but really.
  • Netflix Binge
    But that happens every day.
  • Drink Hot Chocolate
    It’s an added bonus if you sit and watch the snow. It’s a super bonus if you snuggle either with someone or a cuddly blanket.
  • Day Drink
    If you’re over 21. On snow days you can drink during the day, fall asleep early, and still make it to class the next day. It’s half responsible.
  • Not change out of your Pajamas
    It’s almost like the weekend where you don’t need to wear pants, but it’s less likely that someone will ask you to go out and do stuff because the roads are bad.
  • Sleep
    Or wake up early then take a 3 hour nap. Whichever. It’ll be fun.
  • Bake
    Cookies, cupcakes, bread, whatever. The oven will warm your living space and the baked goods will warm your soul.
  • Read
    I may take the day to finish Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! Because that’s what I’m doing with my life.
  • Hit the Gym
    I’m totally doing this. And that isn’t sarcasm. I’ll even wake up early to go before the crowd!
  • Go for a Walk
    It’s a winter wonderland. Take in the sights.
  • Apply for Jobs.
    A day off to only write cover letters? I can commit.
  • Blog ALL DAY
    If inspiration strikes, you can bet I’ll post.
  • Brinner
    Breakfast for dinner because we’re all 8-years-old at heart.
  • Craft Something
    Even if it’s paper snowflakes. Let your creativity shine today!
  • Don’t drive.
    Please, if it snows, STAY OFF THE ROAD. It’s way too dangerous to be driving for no reason.

What’s your favorite snow day activity? Let us know in the comments!