How Much Complaining is too Much?

by Meredith Winnett

I went to Dunkin Donuts on campus today a few minutes before the between-class rush. I was hoping for some fresh coffee since about 100 people would be lining up any minute. There were only three people in front of me, so I felt pretty lucky. I told the server I wanted a medium brown sugar cinnamon hot coffee with skim only. I’m always very firm about getting skim milk rather than cream or regular milk because I’m lactose intolerant and don’t want to be sick in class.

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I was in a rush, so I took my coffee and went to class. When I finally took a sip, this was not the coffee I had ordered.

It was a luke warm toasted almond with milk and maybe some extra sugar. I could have gone back since the Dunkin Donuts is in the same building as all my classes, but I would have waited in a 10-15 minute line and I didn’t have that kind of time before class. So I sucked it up and drank the coffee I didn’t order.

Now, if I had gone to complain, I would have been 100% in the right to go and do it. I paid for that service, and they did not give me anything I asked for. However, can I really complain about it being luke warm? Can I complain about the coffee flavored water they tend to serve?

During the big rush, it’s kind of just take whatever you can get because you don’t have time to say otherwise. But if I were taking the time to actually enjoy my coffee, I expect what I paid for. I don’t want weak coffee, I don’t want luke warm coffee. It feels as though they’re taking advantage of our busy lives to save a few pennies. That isn’t a good business practice. Take the time to prepare enjoyable coffee. If you’re expecting a rush, make a fresh pot. Keep your customers happy rather than just offering convenience.

Then again, I really hate to complain when I’m getting a service. Brewing coffee is one less thing I or one of my roommates has to do in the morning. And since it’s made for the masses and not me specifically, it isn’t really fair for me to complain. I could suggest stronger coffee, but I can’t exactly demand it unless I were to pay more. Also, the servers at Dunkin Donuts, especially on campus, work really hard and are really busy during the day.

I don’t know. It’s kind of a tough situation. I’ll just let it happen… Rant over.