How To Plan a Beer Olympics

by Meredith Winnett

So I mentioned in my Final Semester Bucket List that I want to host my own Beer Olympics. For any of you looking to do the same, it isn’t as easy as throwing a party together. This takes time and planning and whatnot. It’s a real dedication, but I can tell everyone is getting excited about it so it’s worth the time.

There aren’t too many instructional articles about Beer Olympics out there, so I figured I’d lend a helping hand to anyone in need.

If you are not 21 I am not encouraging you to drink. This is me saving my own ass. Be smart. I cannot stress this enough.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Start By Planning Your Events

We wanted to have ten games that can all take place around the same time. Finding ten games is hard, but we did it. We have one table game, a bunch of card games, and one video game.

  • Flip Cup Tournament – this requires the full team and is done bracket style. Flip cup is a longer game, so it should last for most of the party.
  • Quarters – we take one person from each team and play two rounds – one to get the hang of it so no one is at an unfair advantage, then a second round that will count.
  • Asshole – again, one person from each team. Points are awarded in order of President, VP, Secretary, 4th Place, Asshole.
  • Golf – usually we play a full 18 holes, but that takes at least an hour. We’ve cut it to nine holes for the party, plus an additional two so beginners can learn. One person from each team.
  • Hockey – We’re playing on our coffee table for an added challenge. One person from each team.
  • Crazy Eights – The four eights in the deck are placed face up. players must place their cards in order either way and drink the difference if it isn’t directly in order. Last player with cards wins. One person from each team.
  • Shot Roulette – One person from each team. Shots will have random numbers on them 1-5 based on potency. We’ll spin a bottle and have to take the shot the bottle points to. The numbers will be totaled at the end of the game and the person with the highest total takes first place.  Two people from each team.
  • Beer Soup – Fill a bowl with a can of beer and eat it with a teaspoon. No lifting the bowl from the table. First one to finish wins. One person from each team.
  • Super Smash Bros. Tournament – We have an N64 and we’ve mastered the art of drinking and playing Super Smash Bros. This will be done bracket style, 2 people playing at a time. One person from each team.
  • Slam Tournament – Slam is like Flip Cup, only it’s a chugging race. You fill a Solo Cup half way and flip it when you’re done. The team who finishes first advances. Full team game. This might be our first game played.

Pick a Point System

Our’s is simple:

First Place – 10 points
Second Place – 5 points
Third Place – 2 points
Fourth Place – 1 point
Fifth+ Place – 0 points

10 extra points are awarded if your team comes dressed as their country.
We’re going to make Bingo cards of common phrases among our friend group. If a single person fills their card honestly, then they gain 5 points for their team.
If a team fails to finish a 30 pack during the party, they lose 15 points.

Make Your Rules Clear

Our number one rule was no one under 21. This blog does not condone under aged drinking! There will be heavy drinking at this party, so we’re not allowing any under aged guests. We’re a wet apartment so if anyone under 21 comes, drinking is illegal anyway.

We also set other rules like:

No one gets to be America – everyone wants to be so I don’t want there to be fights. Also, it’s a lot easier for people to dress as Americans, so that takes the fun out of it.
Tie breakers are solved with a Solo Cup Duel – Fill a Solo Cup, stand back to back then take 5 steps, then chug. Winner of the duel is the winner of the dispute.
Each team has to bring 1 30 pack of their choice of beer plus a 750 mL bottle of their choice of alcohol (for shot roulette)
We will not have a referee so everyone has to play honestly. If they’re caught cheating, they’ll be disqualified.
Set the number of players per team. We’re going to have teams of 3 or 4 depending on how many people show up.

Invite People

The easiest way to do this and get an accurate head count / roster count is to send out a Facebook invite. We invited all of our friends and asked them to post their rosters. Make the event so guests can invite friends just so their entire roster can see the event.

In your event page, include the games and the rules so everyone can prepare ahead of time.

If you’re not on Facebook, you can text or email everyone your inviting and have them respond with their team rosters. Include in the email the rules and games. It would be smart to write down who responds, just so you’re not scrambling at the last minute to plan for X amount of teams.


We have to take down our Christmas decorations soon, so we’re probably going to set up for the party ASAP. Buzzfeed had a lot of really cool decoration ideas.

We’re going to make Olympic rings and maybe a podium for awards. Hopefully we can make a torch too.

We’re handing out medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each event, then overall.


Our Beer Olympics is during the Winter Olympics, so of course it has to be on the TV. Be safe, be responsible, and have a good time!