Back to School, Back to School

by Meredith Winnett

To prove to Dad that I’m not a fool.

Today is my last first day of undergrad. LET THE GAMES BEGIN! So, what better way to welcome everyone back to school than finding the cheapest places to buy or rent textbooks? – This is the go to site for textbooks. They’re usually around half the price as the bookstore’s prices (if you don’t mind buying used) and it’s easier to find previous editions of books. I always buy my books on Amazon. This semester I could have spent over $500 on books at the school bookstore, but I only spent $100 on Amazon.

Chegg –  Chegg is a website where you can rent textbooks for very cheap. I did this my freshman and sophomore year when I was taking all the core classes I didn’t care much about. Sometimes people highlight in them which makes your life easier so you don’t have to read as much 😉

Google Shopping – This is the quickest way to compare prices. It’s easy to use and Google will direct you to the cheapest books. Good ol Google. – I’ve never used it, but my friends have. is a part of Ebay and is very cheap! I’m actually not sure why I haven’t used it yet. I might now…

To save even more money, search for earlier editions of books or international versions! International editions of textbooks are legal to buy online, but you cannot resell them in the United States.

Know another cheap place to buy books? Let your fellow readers know in the comments!