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Month: January, 2014

How to Avoid Being Sore

Yesterday was my first day back at the gym in over a month. As you can imagine, I’m feeling it today. I only did arms, no legs, abs, or cardio, so I can actually walk and not hate myself. It’s still inconvenient and I would like to avoid being sore forever when I eventually do legs, abs, and cardio.

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How Much Complaining is too Much?

I went to Dunkin Donuts on campus today a few minutes before the between-class rush. I was hoping for some fresh coffee since about 100 people would be lining up any minute. There were only three people in front of me, so I felt pretty lucky. I told the server I wanted a medium brown sugar cinnamon hot coffee with skim only. I’m always very firm about getting skim milk rather than cream or regular milk because I’m lactose intolerant and don’t want to be sick in class.

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How To Plan a Beer Olympics

So I mentioned in my Final Semester Bucket List that I want to host my own Beer Olympics. For any of you looking to do the same, it isn’t as easy as throwing a party together. This takes time and planning and whatnot. It’s a real dedication, but I can tell everyone is getting excited about it so it’s worth the time.

There aren’t too many instructional articles about Beer Olympics out there, so I figured I’d lend a helping hand to anyone in need.

If you are not 21 I am not encouraging you to drink. This is me saving my own ass. Be smart. I cannot stress this enough.

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Back to School, Back to School

To prove to Dad that I’m not a fool.

Today is my last first day of undergrad. LET THE GAMES BEGIN! So, what better way to welcome everyone back to school than finding the cheapest places to buy or rent textbooks?

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Final Semester Bucket List

On Sunday I’m moving back into school for my final semester. I HAD NO IDEA IT WOULD GO BY THIS QUICKLY!

So I’ve been thinking for a little while now of all the things I’ll miss once I join the real world. It’ll be much less acceptable to stay up all night and drink on weeknights and slack off at every opportunity. It’s my last chance to spend every waking moment with all of my friends! Hopefully, they’re as willing to participate as I am.


Junior year seams oh so long ago!

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I’m Baaaaack!

I said I’d be back after the holidays, and I didn’t lie … I just wasn’t counting on coming back so many days after the holidays! I’ve been sleeping until 10:30 like every day then doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING afterwards. It has been AMAZING. I figure I’ll get some sleep before I have to go back to school. Seven more days!

In some very super important news: I got a Magic Bullet for Christmas!

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