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by Meredith Winnett

I have a pretty big list of people I have to buy for this Christmas and all of them are very hard to buy for. I was on Amazon the other day trying to figure out what to get everyone, and I decided to be a nice person and share my ideas via blog.

This post will give tips for men and women of different personalities and I’ll do my best not to exclude anyone. However I will not be giving tips about children’s gifts because they ask for what they want. Most adults have no idea what they want.

English: A Christmas Tree at Home

Start with the gender neutral

  1. For the movie lover:
    -Buy them a year subscription to Netflix! Pretty much everyone has Netflix these days, so maybe take the burden of paying $8 per month from your loved one. Netflix does sell gift cards for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.
    – Or go a step up and get them the new Google Chromecast. This plugs into your TV so you can stream Netflix, YouTube, HBOGo, Hulu Plus, Pandora, and your Google Chrome browser. Amazon has it for $35. However I’m not sure if this is just the Cyber Monday deal… check back tomorrow and see if it’s the same price 😉
  2. For the sports fan:
    Pick them out their favorite jersey or other type of fan gear. The NFL sells everything from jerseys to wrist watches, from backpacks to purses. Check out your favorite team’s fan shop for ideas on what to get the sports enthusiast on your list.
  3. For your favorite college student:
    Get them food. But really. Amazon sells the typical college foods in bulk for cheap. Look! An 18 pack of Easy Mac for $12.95!

Now for the Ladies

  1. For the Student/Intern/Future Employee:
    Get her something she can use in the workforce. Whether it be an article of clothing or a planner, everything comes in handy. I would suggest getting her some kind of handbag. usually has some pretty good deals on whatever kind of handbag of normal bag you could want. And if she doesn’t love it, they have free returns and you can let her pick out what she wants.
  2. For your mommy or mother figure:
    Moms are special people, so you should treat them to something special. Pay for your mom to get a mani/pedi … or better, go on a mani/pedi date together! The holidays are about spending time together and she’ll appreciate you spending time with her.
    If you want to splurge, which you should, pay for her to get a massage. Mothers are usually very busy, especially during this time of the year. Let her relax for an hour! If you really love her, you can pick up her chores that day too 😉
  3. If you don’t know what to get her:
    Gift cards to Forever 21 are probably the most effective gift for women. There’s something for pretty much everyone there and I’ve never met anyone who hates Forever 21. Even Michaela, my bfffff who’s like 8 feet tall (or like 5’10) and can’t fit in their clothes loves Forever 21! $25 can go a looooong way there 🙂

For the guys

  1. For the Student/Intern/Future Employee:
    Like with women, articles of professional men’s clothing always come in handy. Chances are he has 80,000 t-shirts and doesn’t need anymore even if it is hilarious. I mean, look at this! This is a great t-shirt! Abe Lincoln is punching a T-Rex.
    Anyway. A nice peacoat would be a great gift for your young adult. If you want to splurge. If not, a dress shirt and a tie would stress the face that they need to grow up and get a job. You can buy young men ties now because chances are they don’t have kids to give them a new tie for every birthday and holiday!
  2. For your papa or father figure:
    Don’t buy him a tie.
    Get him a watch! You can never ever ever have too many watches. Amazon usually has some nice deal like this Timex for $30. You can also check Kohl’s because they usually have some nice stuff for not a lot of money.
  3. If you don’t know what to get him:
    A gift card to his local mall would work. Men are really hard to shop for, and especially harder to pin down one store. You could get a Game Stop card but he might not play video games. You could get an Express card, but that may not be his style. If you absolutely have no idea what you buy the man on your list, a mall gift card is smart because he can spend it anywhere he wants in his local mall.