Having “The Talk”

by Meredith Winnett

The minute you become a college junior, the emails start coming. “Intern Here!” “Learn More about Internships!” “Do You Have Enough Credits to Intern?” Your professors start reminding you every class about interest meetings and seminars about how to get an internship.

It’s overwhelming.

But it’s worth it.

Last semester I made the best decision of my life by interning in Washington DC. I never wanted to do a semester away until The Washington Center came to my school to tell us about how amazing they are and that we’ll be living directly inside the city.

Back story: I’ve wanted to live in DC since my first visit in 8th grade. I was determined to work for the CIA until I blew my SATs so I became a history major so I could work in a Smithsonian. Until I took the worst history class ever with the worst professor ever and changed my major to Communication. Luckily, I can do PR in DC.

That's me with the best view in the city at the Newseum!

That’s me with the best view in the city at the Newseum!



So I applied to The Washington Center (TWC), and I was accepted because I’m a super cool genius. Or because I just met all the requirements or whatever. They set me up with phone interviews and there was one in particular that I fell in love with. It was only my first interview, but I knew. This is where I was going to intern.

I interviewed with a couple other places but they didn’t really stand out to me. They were just going to have me update their Facebook pages and that didn’t seem like a great experience. I do that in my spare time, so no thank you.

Crosby~Volmer International Communications called me back and offered me an internship. As you can imagine, I was going out of my mind. I was going to be living in DC AND I had an amazing internship site.

You can learn about all the fun things I did with my time on my other blog, if you’re interested 🙂 There are lots of fun pictures!

Throughout my internship, we were given work that the permanent employees were given, such as the weekly metrics (checking news stories about one of the clients and compiling them into one big Excel sheet). I researched many potential new clients, made phone calls to ad agencies to get an idea of pricing, and on my last day I got to make phone calls to Congress members’ offices.

It was a dream come true. I had so much fun! In the three months I was there, there was only one day that I didn’t want to go in and that’s because my roommates had the heat on when it was 90° outside and I felt like death in the morning.

Back on track.

Do an internship. Make a good impression on your supervisors. You will gain so much more knowledge than you can learn in a classroom. Employers are looking for more than a degree nowadays. They want real world experience. Go out and get it any way that you can. I don’t regret a single day of being in DC. I made the absolute most of every minute of my internship. I met a million wonderful people and I can’t stress enough how much experience I gained. Experiences I will be able to use for the 70 years I’ll be in the work force.

Even if you hate your internship, you’ll still learn. You’ll learn to be an adult, suck it up, and do the work your given. You’ll learn that a positive attitude will bring results. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, go in happy anyway. Show your supervisor that you can adapt. And don’t be scared of them. Ask them if you can try another assignment. Be assertive. It’s hard to get an experience that will hurt you.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m glad to help in any way I can.