Welcome to November!

by Meredith Winnett

November is such a fun month! Now that our Halloween Hangovers have gone away, it’s time to think of the holiday season. You can’t hate me for the truth: The holiday season is officially among us!


This is an especially busy month for me, aside from all the work I have to do. There’s the best holiday ever Thanksgiving, my Spartan Race in 12 days, and my birthday in 11 days! And not only my birthday, but I have like 10 friends with birthdays within the same week as me.


So, for this month, I’ll be focusing on Thanksgiving recipes, homemade crafts for gifting, and exercises (both for the race and that post-Thanksgiving food baby). And I’m starting Christmas as soon as ABC Family’s Countdown to the 25 Days of Christmas starts 😉


There’s a lot to be thankful for, so stay tuned!


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