This Is Halloween!

by Meredith Winnett

Boo! Happy Halloween!

Jack-o'-lantern on Halloween

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Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, as I’ve mentioned a few times in the past month. I can’t contain my excitement, so before I get to celebrating, I thought I’d share some Halloween fun facts!

  1. Halloween’s Symbolic Colors are orange and black for good reason. Orange is symbolic for the Fall Harvest, which typically peaks around the 31st of October. And of course, black is a symbol for darkness (duh) and death.Yellow cake with some Halloween sprinkles in t...
  2. Halloween comes from the Christian celebration of All Hallows Eve. All Hallows Eve was celebrated by a large feast. This celebration is believed to have Pagan roots. All Hallows Eve is the night before All Saints Day, which honors all the saints of the Christian religion.

    Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...


  3. The idea of dressing up came from ancient Celts who believed spirits explored the county on All Hallows Eve. The didn’t want the spirits to know they were human, so they wore masks that night.

    Masque baoulé

  4. The phrase “Trick-or-Treat” means just that. If the house visited does not present a treat, then the trick-or-treater is customarily allowed to play a trick on that house. So make sure you bring a roll of TP just in case someone doesn’t give you candy 😉

    Trick or Treat?

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  5. Rather than Jack-O-Lanterns people used to set bonfires in their yards to ward off the evil spirits. Jack-O-Lanterns replaced them since pumpkins are common around fall harvest and probably cause fewer house fires. As early as 10,000 years ago, humans carved vegetables such as gourds, turnips, and beets.


           1. If you see a spider on Halloween, it is believed a loved one is coming back to watch you. So please be nice to our creepy, icky, eight-legged loved freaks.

ventral side

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2. Black cats are considered bad luck because in the Dark Ages, they were believed to be the friends of witches. Since they were witches’ companions, they were thought to possess the souls of demons.

Black cat

Black cat (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

3. Bats are considered ominous due to the medieval belief that if a bat flew around one’s house three times, a loved one would soon die.  Also, if a bat flew into your house, it was believed your house was haunted. Kinda similar to today’s belief of a bird flying into a window warning of a loved one’s near death.

English: Bat

isn’t he cute?! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. During Samhain, it was thought the walls between life and afterlife were blurred. People believed that spirits would disguise themselves as humans and beg for food. If you turned the spirits down, they would curse you or your house.

It's that time of year once again, Halloween u...

5. Bobbing for apples: The ancient Celts believed that apples were sacred and could predict the future. It was believed that the first person to pick an apple from the water would be the next to marry. All you single ladies searching for a wedding date, get bobbin’!

bobbing for apples

bobbing for apples (Photo credit: Scorpions and Centaurs)

I hope you all enjoy your Halloween weekend! Don’t get too spooked by the incoming holiday season 😉

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