A Bandwagon Fan’s Point of View

by Meredith Winnett

It’s a pretty good time to be a Boston sports fan. We have the Patriots winning despite all obstacles, we have the Bruins who’ve always been there for us, and, of course, we have the Sox in the World Series. (I guess you can include that tonight is the first Celtics game but no one really cares about the Celtics 😉 )

I’m a bandwagon fan. I probably watched about 12 regular season Sox games this season and can probably only name three people on the team. I’m not one of the diehard fans. However, they’re hot right now. You can’t go anywhere without the Sox in the World Series being somehow referenced. It’s really hard for anyone to ignore. And like with any championship team, it’s the real fans vs. the bandwagon fans. As bandwagon fans, we don’t know their struggle. We have no idea what the team and the true fans went through to get to this point. All we know is they made it here, and that’s pretty awesome.

Let’s step back a few years …

I’m a Bruins fan. I’ve always been a fan, but I’ve been steadily following the Bruins for about eight years now … before the Stanley Cup. So, I saw all the fans hopping onto the bandwagon when the B’s started doing well. This pissed me off. In my day, we could buy tickets for $30. Now we can’t. Thanks bandwagon fans. But, that’s the price you pay to have a good team. Although, I did just check StubHub and found tickets for the Bruins Ducks game tomorrow for about $17 each. But that’s a Ducks game. I saw a Senators game for $30 a ticket and even StubHub is selling them for $96 at the cheapest.

Anyway, when the B’s started doing well, I hated all the new fans. Being a girl, I had to prove myself as a true fan and not just a “puck slut”. For example, I really liked Seguin when he was drafted because he was an amazing player. Puck sluts just think he’s hot. I was confronted at a bar once and asked to prove that I was a “real fan” because I was wearing a Krejci shirt. Drunk me got mad and yelled. And it’s all because of those damn bandwagon fans.

I knew the struggle of being a Bruins fan. The potential for the cup was there, but never happened. And when it did, it was glorious. Everyone was excited, everyone had Bruins fever, and everyone was really excited for the next season. Boston was united for a little while and that was great.

Boston Bruins

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Going back to the Red Sox …

They’re up 3-2 in the World Series going into game six. That’s something to get excited about for anyone! There are articles everywhere that say people even outside Massachusetts should root for the Sox. Now I know there are those diehard fans out there who, like me, hate the bandwagon fans. I’m not pretending to be the biggest Sox fan to walk the Earth. That would be stupid and I’d be as annoying as the pretend B’s fans. However, I see this from a new perspective now.

We’re supporting your team. They need all the support they can get! They’re about to win the World Series! I know I would want all of Boston / Massachusetts behind the Bruins if they were to go to the Cup again. Sure we don’t know everything about the team like you do, but Boston is “our fucking city” as Ortiz would say. We should take this opportunity to come together as Boston sports fans and stop wasting energy towards putting the fake fans down. We know that this is your team, but this is our city. I’ve come to realize that not many people want Boston sports to do well (Probably because we’re the best…) But, we should stick together while everyone else is against us!

Focus on the positive: We can win together, then we can all celebrate together. Then next season all the bandwagon fans will go back to whatever it is they normally do. Let’s show the world what it means to be Boston Strong.

The Prudential Tower lit up for the 2007 World...

The Prudential Tower lit up for the 2007 World Series.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)