Five Tips to Finding A Job After College

by Meredith Winnett

I feel as though this goes well with Wednesday’s post about grad school. It’s best to get a job first, if your career allows. This post highlights the importance of having a plan for after graduation. Yeah, it scared me, but this is reality and it’s nice to have something tell you the truth.

Chapter TK

…before deferment ends

gradCollege graduation is looming for many seniors. Whether you have plans to graduate this December or this May, it’s time you consider how you are going to find a job after college. I knew of only a few people who were bright enough to snag a job upon graduation. The rest of us will face a tough world. Last week, I wrote about what you can do during college to your chances of finding a job after college. Today, I want to talk about those few months directly following college. For many 20-somethings, the moment you walk across that stage a timer starts counting down. It tells students how much time is left before they must bear the burden of paying off their student loans. Deferment will go by fast and you want to do everything you can to find a job before it ends.

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