The Ten Stages of Beginning to Run

by Meredith Winnett

We all have those friends who are avid about getting into shape. Strangely, they all run. They’ve all lost so much weight and feel really good about themselves. You learn that running can strengthen your immune system, which is good for those winter months.  This running thing is starting to sound like a good idea. Let’s try it!

Starting to run takes time and dedication. You have to ignore the overwhelming voice that says you can’t do it. No matter how badly your shins hurt, no matter how big the blisters on your feet get, you have to keep going to see the benefits of running.

  1. Enthusiasm!
    “Yeah I’m totally gonna run ten miles today and it’s going to feel so good! I’m not scared at all!”

    The Photogenic Runner (photo credit:


  2.  Realization.
    “Ugh, how far have I gone?! ONLY A HALF A MILE?! I’m not in nearly good enough shape for this…”

    (photo credit:

  3. Soreness.

    This woman is feeling the burn (photo credit: wikimedia)


  4. Done.
    “There is no way I’m trying that again.”

    Throwing in the towel (photo credit: Jargon Genesis)


  5. Second wind.
    “Hey! I don’t hurt anymore! LET’S GOOOOOO!”

    (photo credit:


  6. Hunger.
    “Just please let me eat everything in the kitchen.”

    Hungry Hungry Hippos (photo credit: wikimedia)

  7. Disappointment.
    “Why haven’t I lost weight? Why can’t I run more than three miles? WHY WHY WHY?”

    Someone’s a little disappointed in himself (photo credit: Don’t Drink Beer blog)

    Probably because of all the snacking you’ve done…

  8. Exhaustion.
    “I ran five miles. That’s enough justification to sleep all day, right?”

    I like to include puppies as much as possible… (photo credit:


  9. Runner’s High.
    “So that mythical feeling my friends tell me about is real?! I love everything!”

    (photo credit:

    Your endorphins are going crayyyyzayyyyy! P.S. Endorphins make you more attractive.

  10. Pride.
    “I did it! I ran without passing out! Bring on the next challenge!”

    You did it! You’ve met your goals and you’re ready to take on the world.