As if October Wasn’t Scary Enough

by Meredith Winnett

What’s the one thing in October scarier than Halloween? You probably guessed it. Midterms. In the next week, I have four exams and a big ol’ paper due. SO MUCH FUN. So how will I study for this week of horror? Of course, there will be a couple hundred flash cards, but that won’t help my mind keep track of what’s International Relations, what’s History of Journalism, and what’s Foundations of Communication Research. For starters, find a friend of a different major and try to teach them what you know.


(photo credit: Wikimedia)

Review all your study topics by making a list of terms and defining them all, first what you know, then taking the time to think about what you don’t remember. If you’ve been going to class all semester, this should be easy. Start a few days in advance and review the terms daily. The night before the exam, do some light studying right before bed, then get a good night’s sleep. Midterms don’t always have to be scary, just be confident!