Let’s Take a Step Back

by Meredith Winnett

The point in the semester where I am way too overwhelmed is back. Between papers and exams and hockey and football and trying to simply function as a human being, there’s just too much happening. Being a senior in college is not an easy thing. Since I’ll be studying and typing and watching football all weekend, I’m going to take about a half an hour today to relax. Here are my ten favorite ways to take a step back:

10. Go for a run / walk. My campus is conveniently across the street from a park with beautiful foliage and paths through the woods, so when I find time I like to walk or run through here. It helps me to clear my mind and get away from all the stress I left on campus. Walking and running has been proved to promote clarity of the mind. Take a moment to walk or run anywhere you find peaceful and see how good you feel afterwards.

Foliage / Follage

Foliage / Follage (Photo credit: purolipan)

9. Try meditation! Yeah, I know this is an obvious one, but it works. Sit alone somewhere, put on some soft music (hint: Pandora has a meditation station!), try some deep breathing, imagine yourself on a beach or one of your favorite places. Stop worrying!


meditation (Photo credit: HaPe_Gera)

8. Take a nap. I am the queen of napping – I nap like it’s no one’s business. Even if I just nap for ten minutes, I feel so much better. Something about my pillow and comforter make me feel so, well, comforted. For some reason, though, I always wake up expecting cookies and milk and that disappoints me, but it brings me to my next tip…

2 kittens taking a nap

2 kittens taking a nap (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7. Bake something. Whether it’s from scratch or from pre-made dough, baking helps. I’m partial to the Pillsbury pre-made dough with the faces on it because that’s what my grandmother used to make us during the holidays. When I get around to my Halloween post, you’ll see some there.  The smell of freshly baked snacks bring my roommates and I back home for a while. Then eating the desserts help us to forget that we have any homework to do. That could cause problems but it’s a good temporary fix 😉 Also, it’s impossible to be sad when eating a cookie!

English: Peanut butter cookie with a chocolate...

Peanut butter cookie with a chocolate chip smiley face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6. Call a family member. My parents know at this point not to ask too much about school because I hate talking about how much I have to do. Talking to someone back home and catching up on everything everyone’s doing helps me feel like I’m home with them and I’m still connected even though I’m 200 miles away. (By the way, proud big sister moment: My brother is wicked shy. You can barely get a full sentence out of him. Well Mr. Shy Guy decided to audition for concert choir at his high school AND HE GOT IN! Also, he’s applying to colleges so I’m super excited for him!)

Cover of "E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (W...

ET Phone Home

5. Write something. I know, I know, a blogger suggesting you write, how nice (sarcasm). For people who don’t write all the time, it may not be an easy task, but it is a lot of fun. Let your creative side out! Even if you’re writing about your International Relations professor being a zombie and eating the brains of the slackers, it’ll make you laugh! Have an exam coming up? Write about something wild happening in that class period. Still struggling? There are many sites online that provide writing prompts. Make yourself laugh, it’s ok!


(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. Take a shower. Cleanliness is oftentimes associated with a new start, meaning you can feel relaxed! Also, being clean can promote productivity. I always feel like doing things after I shower, whether it be homework or my next tip …


(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. Clean your room! I cleaned most of my apartment yesterday and it made me feel so good about myself afterwards. Something about a clean room brings me back down to earth. Mr. Clean must do some kind of magic that gives me some surprise confidence. After I cleaned I wanted to keep doing things, so I started studying for one of my exams and looked for big girl jobs.

Mr. Clean's autograph for Kaitlyn

Mr. Clean’s autograph for Kaitlyn (Photo credit: Elizabeth/Table4Five)

2. Drink coffee or tea. I drink coffee when I need the energy to keep going and tea to relax once I finish. I try to have a cup of green tea before bed at night because, again, it has some magic (antioxidants) in it to make me happy. Green tea can also prevent certain types of cancer, heart disease, and quicken your metabolism. Antioxidants keep you young people! Drink up!

Good mornig,guys! Why don't you drink with me?

Good morning! Why don’t you drink with me? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Get it done. Probably one of the most effective ways to eliminate stress is to actually do what you’re supposed to be doing. Once it’s done, you have nothing to worry about. Write that paper. Study for that exam. Apply for those jobs. WATCH THAT FOOTBALL!

Books Books

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope you all have a wonderful, productive, relaxing weekend. Let me know if some of these tips help you!

Go Pats!