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Month: October, 2013

This Is Halloween!

Boo! Happy Halloween!

Jack-o'-lantern on Halloween

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, as I’ve mentioned a few times in the past month. I can’t contain my excitement, so before I get to celebrating, I thought I’d share some Halloween fun facts!

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A Bandwagon Fan’s Point of View

It’s a pretty good time to be a Boston sports fan. We have the Patriots winning despite all obstacles, we have the Bruins who’ve always been there for us, and, of course, we have the Sox in the World Series. (I guess you can include that tonight is the first Celtics game but no one really cares about the Celtics 😉 )

I’m a bandwagon fan. I probably watched about 12 regular season Sox games this season and can probably only name three people on the team. I’m not one of the diehard fans. However, they’re hot right now. You can’t go anywhere without the Sox in the World Series being somehow referenced. It’s really hard for anyone to ignore. And like with any championship team, it’s the real fans vs. the bandwagon fans. As bandwagon fans, we don’t know their struggle. We have no idea what the team and the true fans went through to get to this point. All we know is they made it here, and that’s pretty awesome.

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iPhone, Go Home

Lately I haven’t been a fan of my iPhone, or any smart phone for that matter. I always have it with me, but 95% of the time I don’t need it. It’s become a glorified watch / video game console. A distraction that enables me to be anti-social. When a group of friends hang out together, you can’t get through one simple conversation without someone on their phone. I’m guilty of this – I’ll be talking to my friends while also texting and having a separate conversation. How do we even stay on track? We don’t. We become unattached to both conversations, making us huge assholes for not caring about our friends.

Oh no! How will I send ugly snapchats to my friends now?!

You can’t even go for a walk outside without being burdened by someone on their phone. I was walking to class this morning and people on cell phones would not get out of my way. You walk slow. You walk in zig-zags. You’re in everyone’s way and it’s really pissing us off. Just. Move.

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Ten Worst Candies of Halloween

Guys, Halloween is SIX DAYS AWAY!! I’ve been excited for this weekend of festivities since November 1st!

I read a blog a couple days ago which lists the top 10 best Halloween candies. This inspired me. What are the worst candies to get in your Halloween bag?

Admit it. As a kid, when you got back from trick-or-treating, there were those candies that you were really disappointed to find in your bag and would do ANYTHING to trade it with a friend or sibling. You would ask yourself: “Who even eats this crap?”. I would usually just give the crap candies to my little brother and let him deal with it…

So… What are the worst candies of Halloween?

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Five Tips to Finding A Job After College

I feel as though this goes well with Wednesday’s post about grad school. It’s best to get a job first, if your career allows. This post highlights the importance of having a plan for after graduation. Yeah, it scared me, but this is reality and it’s nice to have something tell you the truth.

This is a TERRIBLE Idea

I had another idea for today’s post … then I walked to class.

This morning I walked to class alone, as I do every Monday Wednesday and Friday. The alone walk usually gives me time to think, and this is usually a good thing. Not this morning. This morning was different. Stress brain took over my thoughts and made me hate myself.

I was thinking about how this round of registration was going to pick my last set of college classes. Exciting stuff! I’m going to graduate soon! Then I realized this isn’t the end – I need to go to grad school. Of course this threw me to the realization that I have no idea what I want to go for. Do I want a Master’s in PR? Do I want a Master’s in Marketing? How will I stand out? Will I be just another MBA? There are countless articles online about how the MBA has become obsolete. So, what do I want to do?!

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The Ten Stages of Beginning to Run

We all have those friends who are avid about getting into shape. Strangely, they all run. They’ve all lost so much weight and feel really good about themselves. You learn that running can strengthen your immune system, which is good for those winter months.  This running thing is starting to sound like a good idea. Let’s try it!

Starting to run takes time and dedication. You have to ignore the overwhelming voice that says you can’t do it. No matter how badly your shins hurt, no matter how big the blisters on your feet get, you have to keep going to see the benefits of running.

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Get Out of Town!

One of the most important things to do when you’re in college, or college-aged, is travel. Anywhere you can go, do it.

The summer before my junior year I spent 14 days in Vietnam and 2 in Cambodia for a Communication course. We studied the media, history, culture, and effects of Agent Orange while in Vietnam, then flew over to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat.  The trip was originally about $5,000, but after our college president pulled some stings we got grants which paid for half the trip. I knew that I wanted to take a short-term trip, and I wanted something that applied to my major. The other trip that semester was to Jordan so I knew my parents would never let me go to a Middle Eastern country.

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Halloween-ish Cookies

I mentioned on Friday’s post that I often use baking as a way to relax. Well in comes Saturday… After taking my three-hour online exam, I was ready to drink my sorrows away because, I’ll admit, I didn’t use my own study tips and the exam didn’t go that smoothly. Well luckily my roommates had asked me to bake them cookies, so my liver survived to see another weekend. Hashtag College!

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As if October Wasn’t Scary Enough

What’s the one thing in October scarier than Halloween? You probably guessed it. Midterms. In the next week, I have four exams and a big ol’ paper due. SO MUCH FUN. So how will I study for this week of horror? Of course, there will be a couple hundred flash cards, but that won’t help my mind keep track of what’s International Relations, what’s History of Journalism, and what’s Foundations of Communication Research. For starters, find a friend of a different major and try to teach them what you know.

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