Ugh … Homework …

by Meredith Winnett

Week three of classes … time to buckle down … so. much. work. Will I be able to get it all done before movie night?! I CAN’T MISS PITCH PERFECT!

Step One: Relax.

Step Two: Make a list.

List making has always been extremely helpful for me. Not only can I see exactly how much I need to get done, but crossing things off always gives me a sense of relief. I started making lists of my homework at the end of my first semester sophomore year, when college was getting real. I remember I had four finals, five final papers, and presentations on all those papers. I cried a bit, then I thought, “There must be a better way”. So I thought back to the study skills I was taught in high school tried to find the most relevant skill in my brain. Then it hit me – I should make a list!

I wrote down everything I had to do in order of their due dates, and suddenly it didn’t seem so bad. As as bonus, I made Dean’s List that semester for the first time, so I stuck to making lists. I even made a few last semester as an intern. I was given quite a few projects and it was a little crazy, until I made lists. I put them in order of priority and if it was a slow day, I’d work on the projects with rolling due dates.

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I’ll let you guys get a peek at my list for this week:

  1. Read Ch. 2 for Comm Research (quiz 9/19)
  2. Read Ch. 7 for American National Govt. (due 9/18 @ midnight)
  3. Start presentation for Hist. of Journalism (due 9/24)
  4. Think of an interesting blog topic (please post soon)
  5. Maybe start paper for Hist. of Journalism (not due for a while)
  6. Breathe
  7. Catch up on International Relations readings

This actually made me feel a lot better. I’m mostly done with one, two, and four. Number three shouldn’t be too hard and I’ve already somewhat started numbers six and seven! I think I’ll get to join in movie night 🙂

Try this out next time you’re overwhelmed with whatever you’re doing and let me know. I’d love to hear if this helps!